Indi Kindi


Award-winning author Ros Moriarty has founded Indi Kindi to help change literacy outcomes amongst remote region Aboriginal children. Two thirds of Aboriginal 8 year olds fail to reach basic Australian benchmarks in literacy and numeracy. Indi Kindi applies new thinking and piloting of early childhood resources and programs to change this statistic.

Many remote region Aboriginal children have barely seen a book before they begin school. The failure of their subsequent educational experience perpetuates inter-generational disadvantage and lifelong hardship

Indi Kindi is creating a range of reading and counting materials for use by very young bush children, their parents/relatives and teaching professionals. These and other resources are being matched with best practice teaching and support models. Indi Kindi is being piloted in Borroloola, the birthplace of Balarinji co-founder and Chairman John Moriarty. It will be trialled, measured, sustained locally, and scaled up for expansion across remote Australia.

Working with leading educators, publishers and booksellers, Indi Kindi is using Balarinji’s design archives, now owned by the National Museum of Australia, royalties from Balarinji co-founder and Managing Director Ros Moriarty’s memoir, Listening to Country, and children's picture books Ten Scared Fish and Kangaroos Hop, Summer Rain, Splosh for the Billabong to create this best practice Indigenous literacy program to respond to the way very young children learn - turning pages, looking at pictures, counting things, seeing repetition, using memory, and recognizing familiar cultural themes – to help break the cycle of Indigenous destitution

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